1. Excellency Program for highly gifted musicians – students of the Youth Village


The Village is very proud to have been able to provide its students with a matriculation program in music and arts, which started to operate in the current academic year. There are currently 14 students enrolled in this program, all gifted musicians. There is a need to help them fulfill their potential to the fullest, in addition to what we are able to provide them within the limitations of the curriculum.

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The highly gifted musicians in our Music matriculation program have been accepted to participate in a joint project at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. The project is able to provide the students with extracurricular musical training and tutoring in the Academy and includes the best professors and teachers in Israel, as well as facilities and instruments for practice, workshops and courses. In order for the students to participate, tuition fees must be paid to the Academy. Since our students are new immigrants who made Aliyah alone, without their families, they are in great financial need and cannot afford to pay the tuition.

Music Excellency


2. Music Bands Initiative

The Music Bands initiative is one of the few activities that can accommodate all of our students, including at-risk, new immigrant, and Autistic youth. This year we have four musical bands comprised of five students, each with varying musical, educational, and social abilities. Groups are integrative in that they have a member of each participant population. Each student plays a different instrument in the band and together they compose, rehearse, and perform their musical compositions at Village events. The Musical Band program runs the length of the school year and begins each fall.

From both educational and therapeutic standpoints, this program is successful in the promotion of values such as teamwork, respect, patience, creativity, and self-confidence, among others. The need to invest in Jewish youth is crucial to the strengthening of the State of Israel and we are proud to provide various activities at the Village to support our nation’s future.

Program Goals: For our new immigrant youngsters that are alone in Israel, the feeling of being included is crucial to their success and happiness. Music is a large part of any culture, and by encouraging students to listen to and study Israeli music in preparation for their own compositions, our youth slowly learn about Israel and improve their Hebrew language skills.


Our goal is to encourage the creation of peer relations and eventual lasting friendships and social networks. The ability for our Autistic students to play music with the rest of our student body boosts their confidence and feelings of belonging. Participation in a band has therapeutic value by addressing the unique struggles of these three populations (new immigrant; at-risk; Autistic). Music is a universal language; it is a means of expression that has a positive effect on children and adults, especially in distress.

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