The Magshimim School for Young People with Severe Autism


In the autumn of 2004 six students with severe autism were welcomed with open arms into the Israel Goldstein Youth Village. The Magshimim School now accommodates 40 students and to meet the high demand, is looking to grow.

‪We knew the school would be challenging for everyone and yet we understood the importance of integrating students with special needs into the Village. Today the school has more than fulfilled the ambitions of the original planners. The positive impact of the program has been felt by both the Magshimim students and the village youth.  Our autistic students enjoy the extensive facilities of the village including the swimming pool, beautiful gardens, petting zoo and music center. The village youth work closely with the autistic students, through volunteer work and joint programs.  This partnership encourages the village students to learn to accept differences and often helps them to put their own difficulties into perspective.

‪Integrating our autistic students into as many village programs as possible is an important goal. This can involve very complex planning, but the results are worth it. On one overnight trip, Noga Levtov, a teacher at the Magshimim School reported being moved beyond tears when some Magshimim students became afraid to continue on a hike.  Village students jumped in — nudging the staff aside.  They all held hands with the Magshimim students, urging them to continue and all the students completed the hike.

We have become leaders and have proved to the world that integration is good and can benefit all students, disabled and able-bodied. The Village hosts seminars for educators and leaders of secular, religious and non-Jewish Israeli and International programs and demonstrates the unique success of the Israel Goldstein/Magshimim model.

We urgently need funds to expand and develop this program.  The waiting list to join us is long and parents around the country are anxiously hoping their child will receive a place in the school for the coming year. Please help make this dream a reality by making a generous tax-free donation. For more information, contact

Home for Lone Soldiers

Once our students graduate, almost all enter the Israel Defense Force. Suddenly our young people are on their own when they need us. We want them to adjust quickly to army life, to meet with success, not to succumb to external distractions and not to be disadvantaged by lack of support.

‪Therefore we are planning to build a residence for our lone soldiers. They will have access to hot meals, a bedroom, bathroom, laundry facilities, a caring staff and welcoming peer group. The soldiers will be able to remain within the Village family and their physical and emotional needs will also be met. The young graduates will be able to focus their energies on dealing with army life and this will lead to each person better able to realize their potential and enjoy a successful and rewarding army service.

The Village Solution



The Village proposes to build a residence for its lone soldiers. We will provide warm meals in the dining room and a kitchen where our soldiers can prepare their own meals if they choose. The residence will also offer each soldier a bedroom, a bathroom, laundry facilities, a caring staff person and a welcoming peer group.

Army leave will therefore be a time of relaxation and unwinding, without the problems and challenges of independent living.


The Building Plan

The Village has plans to construct an additional floor on and existing dormitory building. The floor will have a separate entrance opening to 3,750 sq.ft. (375 sq. m.) of space, divided into 10 living units, with bathrooms, kitchenette, living space and laundry room.

How You Can Help

We need your help to turn this vision into a reality. This vital service to the Village is an investment in their future and the future of the State of Israel.

We welcome all donations, large and small. Click here to DONATE

Extracurricular activities:

Remedial Studies Program

An afternoon and evening program of individual and group tutoring takes place in the Village Pedagogic Center, providing students assistance with understanding material being covered in class, homework assignments and preparation for exams.

Music Matriculation Program








This program prepares talented students for music matriculation. It is a serious 3-year program of study, involving courses in music history, theory, composition and advanced study of voice and/or a musical instrument.

The Village Singing Troupe

A professionally trained group of native Israelis and immigrant youth who perform a medley of songs – in Hebrew and in their native tongues- complete with choreography and drama. The troupe has performed extensively over the years in Israel and abroad.


The Village Dance Troupe

The students in this troupe are also professionally trained and perform a repertoire of Israeli and international folk dances, complete with elaborate costumes and integrated choreography. They also perform modern dance, jazz and ballroom dancing in solo, couples and groups. They have performed throughout Israel and abroad.

Religious Studies Program

The Village is a pluralistic school and the teaching of Judaism – its culture, traditions and practices – is a major priority. Especially catering to the immigrant population from the F.S.U.which come to Israel with no religious background, the importance of Judaism must be emphasized. This is accomplished through an extensive learning program involving classes, workshops, field trips, Sabbath and holiday observance, bar/bat mitzvah training and celebration. We have also established a conversion course for those students who would like to convert. The conversions are recognized by the Israeli rabbinate.


Sport Teams

The Village sponsors sports teams – training the students so that they can compete favorably with other school teams throughout Israel. The sports teams are of particular importance at the Village as they enable new immigrants to become accepted and achieve success even before mastering the Hebrew language. They also serve as a wonderful “ego builder” for those students who have a weaker academic background.

Needed Capital Improvements




Construction of new dormitory………………… $ 500,000

Extension of existing dormitory……………….. $ 250,000

Renovation of existing dormitory…………….   $ 200,000

Re-furnishing dormitory………………………..    $ 33,000

Heating/air conditioning…………………………$ 45,000


Enlarging existing library………………………………………..$ 100,000

Up-dating and expanding Russian-language library……… $ 2,500

Swimming Pool:

Renovations of changing rooms/showers……………………$ 70,000

Dining Hall:

Air conditioning…………………………………………………$ 50,000