Youth Village

The Village, which served as one of Youth Aliyah’s absorption centers, was opened in 1949 with 40 orphaned survivors of the Holocaust and a small, dedicated staff.

Founded by Zeev Schikler, an officer of the “Haganah” who took part in the battle for Monastery Hill (on which the Village is located) during the war of independence in 1948, the Village expanded and flourished under his direction, until his untimely death in 1977. The Village was named in honor of the late Dr. Israel Goldstein, a prominent American rabbi, Zionist Leader and member of the executive committee of the Jewish Agency.

Throuought the years, the village continued to develop and change, hand in hand with the changes underwent by the young state of Israel. At first, an emphasis was put on vocational training for the new immigrants who found a warm home in the village. Gradually, more and more educational programs and extracurricular activities were offered to the students, and now the school of the village is one of the top schools of Jerusalem, providing excellent education and offering unique programs in music, arts, sports and exact sciences, nurturing the next generation of Israel.