Excellency Program for highly gifted musicians – students of the Youth Village


The Village is very proud to have been able to provide its students with a matriculation program in music and arts, which started to operate in the current academic year. There are currently 14 students enrolled in this program, all gifted musicians. There is a need to help them fulfill their potential to the fullest, in addition to what we are able to provide them within the limitations of the curriculum.

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The highly gifted musicians in our Music matriculation program have been accepted to participate in a joint project at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. The project is able to provide the students with extracurricular musical training and tutoring in the Academy and includes the best professors and teachers in Israel, as well as facilities and instruments for practice, workshops and courses. In order for the students to participate, tuition fees must be paid to the Academy. Since our students are new immigrants who made Aliyah alone, without their families, they are in great financial need and cannot afford to pay the tuition.

Music Excellency