The students of our Village come from over 30 different countries. Presently, religious students pray in small rooms around the campus; Religious studies and seminars are either held in class rooms or other places on the premises. But also the non-religious students sometimes want to pray or study the Scriptures. What they need is a 

Jewish House of Prayer for All Nations.


Due to the multi-cultural set up of the Village, the leadership decided not to build a Synagogue affiliated to a specific stream of Judaism. It would have to be a place where every Jewish student, no matter what his background was, would feel welcome and at home. And what better place than a JewiJHOP2sh House of Prayer for ALL nations and denominations.

The spot for this Jewish House of Prayer for All Nations is already allocated – next to the Infirmary and near the schools. Already in 2004 architectural plans had been drawn up, but due to the lack of funds, the project was put on hold. Now, in 2016, the time has come to start raising funds needed to build this multi-functional House of Prayer. 

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The main hall on the entrance level can house 120 people. Separated by a dividing wall, the same hall can be used for two groups of 40 people. The main hall will be used for Shabbat and Holiday services, bar and bat mitzvah’s and brit mila ceremonies. 

As the Village is built on a hill, the floor below the main hall will have: offices, activity or study rooms and toilets.Above the main hall will be Women’s Gallery / Classroom.